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There’s never been ONE like this.

Introducing the SINGER ONE™ sewing machine. Its bold, fresh design stands out for a reason. The SINGER ONE™ sewing machine is the start of a new line, built for the way you sew, with just the right combination of easy-to-use features, technology and style. We changed home sewing forever with our first machine. 160 years later, we’re still bringing you the next big thing.

  • 24 pola jahitan
  • 1 langkah pelubang kancing (2 tipe)
  • Drop & Sew TM sistem bobbin
  • Bidang jahitan lebih lebar (374 mm)
  • 3 lampu LED
  • Pemotong benang
  • Pemasang benang otomatis
  • Pemutar bobbin otomatis
  • Tombol pengatur pola jahitan
  • Tombol pengatur panjang jahitan
  • Tombol pengatur lebar jahitan
  • Tombol pengatur tekanan benang atas
  • Tombol jahitan mundur


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