SINGER® Quantum Stylist™ 9960

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This machine truly has it all.

The SINGER® QUANTUM STYLIST™ sewing machine has everything you need and more! Its 600 built-in stitch patterns including 5 alphanumeric fonts and 13 fully automatic one-step buttonholes with exclusive buttonhole underplate, mirror imaging and stitch elongation options give you the freedom to customize your projects. Start up is a breeze with quick and easy threading, automatic stitch length and width, stitch editing capabilities, a start/stop button and direct button stitch selection. The QUANTUM STYLIST™ sewing machine features a one-touch automatic thread cutter that automatically trims the upper and lower thread leaving your machine ready to start the next seam. Packed with features, this machine truly has it all.

  • 600 pola jahitan
  • 5 jenis huruf
  • 60 pola dekoratif dan alphabet
  • Layar LCD
  • 1 langkah pelubang kancing (13 tipe)
  • Pemotong benang otomatis
  • Pemasang benang otomatis
  • Pemutar bobbin otomatis
  • Tombol pengatur pola jahitan
  • Tombol pengatur panjang jahitan
  • Tombol pengatur lebar jahitan
  • Tombol pengatur tekanan benang atas
  • Tombol jahitan mundur
  • Tombol pengatur kecepatan menjahit
  • Tambahan meja untuk menjahit
  • Carrying Case

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