SINGER® Quantum Stylist™ EM200

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It’s not just a hobby. It’s a passion for each project.

It’s not just a new machine. It’s a new era. Introducing the new SINGER® SUPERB™ embroidery only machine. We’re shaking things up just like we did over 160 years ago with a sleek, new design that’s inspired by our iconic machines. But we didn’t stop with a new look. This machine is built to handle whatever embroidery project you throw at it—it’s designed to power your passion.

  • Mesin bordir komputer
  • 200 pola bordir
  • 6 jenis alphabet untuk monogramming
  • Area bordir yang luas
  • 2 hoop untuk bordir (L: 260 mm x 152 mm, S: 101 mm x 101 mm)
  • LCD layar sentuh
  • Koneksi via USB
  • 700 jahitan per menit
  • Pemasang benang otomatis
  • 3 lampu LED
  • Pengatur tekanan benang atas
  • Pemotong benang otomatis
  • Pemutar bobbin otomatis
  • Tombol start/stop

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