SINGER is synonymous with sewing since more than 160 years. SINGER is a truly global sewing machine brand and holds the highest consumer awareness in the industry. SINGER is woven into the fabric of consumer memories and is considered part of their family. It is the desire of the SINGER brand to live up to these memories by providing well engineered, easy to use sewing machine.

SINGER is Original Since 1851.

  • More thank 160 years after presenting the world's first sewing machine in 1851, the SINGER brand is the oldest, most familiar and best loved brand in the world.
  • The SINGER name is synonymous with sewing, and is considered the local brand in almost every country.

SINGER is sewing made easy™

  • Many consumers start sewing with the need for utility and the desire for creativity.
  • The SINGER brand brings sewing innovation to the broad market with machines designed to be accessible, affordable and easy to use.
  • The SINGER brand encourages the consumer to learn to sew and grow their skills, turning his or her creatice dreams into reality.

SINGER is the gateway to the word of sewing

  • The SINGER brand continues to introduce generations of new users to sewing through familiarity, ease of use and wide availability.
  • The SINGER products are a natural choice for the learner, guiding them with ease into the world of sewing and a lifetime path of growing involvement with the craft.


1850 Isaac Merritt Singer invents the world’s first practical sewing machine.

1851 Patent issued for the first SINGER brand Sewing Machine on August 12, 1851.

1855 SINGER becomes the largest selling brand of sewing machines internationally. The SINGER brand is awarded first prize at the World’s Fair in Paris, France.

1858 SINGER brand introduces the first lightweight domestic machine, the Grasshopper.™

1865 SINGER brand delivers the “New Family” Sewing Machine. US Civil War Ends.

1870 SINGER Brand Red “S” girl trademark makes her debut. Her trademark is produced in several languages, becoming one of the most recognized trademarks in the world.

1883 To meet growing demand in Europe, SINGER brand opens the largest sewing machine factory in the world in Kilbowie, Scotland.

1889 SINGER brand introduces the first practical electric sewing machine.

1890 SINGER brand reaches 90% market share globally.

1921 SINGER brand introduces the Portable Electric™ machine, an electric motor-powered model.

1929 Overall American sales of sewing machines drop. SINGER brand attributes this to the Flapper social trend, featuring emancipated women
who were moving away from traditional homemaker role.

1933 The Featherweight™ 221 sewing machine is introduced at the Chicago World’s Fair. This machine stays in production for over 30 years and remains as an iconic image of the SINGER brand.

1939-1945 SINGER brand ceases development of sewing machines to  focus on producing wartime goods.

1951 SINGER brand’s 600 sewing centers have trained an estimated 400,000 housewives.

1952 SINGER brand introduces the Slant-o-Matic™, the first zigzag machine.

1968 Elvis Presley’s famous “Comeback Special” airs on NBC, solely sponsored by the SINGER brand.

1975 SINGER brand introduces the world’s first electronic sewing machine, the Athena™ 2000.

1978 SINGER brand introduces the Touchtronic 2001™ machine, the world’s first computer-controlled machine.

1985 SINGER brand introduces an entirely new line of state-of theart sewing machines with models designed to meet individual needs and budgets including innovations for stitch patterns, monograms and embroidery.

2001 SINGER brand celebrates its 150th Anniversary. Launches the world’s most advanced home sewing and embroidery machine: the Quantum XL-5000™ machine, with one of the most powerful and userfriendly systems on the market.

2005 SINGER brand introduces the Futura™ machine, the most affordable computer enabled embroidery machine on the market.

2007 SINGER brand introduces the Inspiration™ machine, an iconic new entry-level sewing machine using modern advancement to accentuate ease and simplicity.

2010 SINGER brand launches 2nd generation of the Futura™ sewing and embroidery machine, the XL-400.

2011 The SINGER brand celebrates its 160th Anniversary, marked by the issued patent of the first SINGER sewing machine on August 12, 1851.

2012 SINGER brand introduces the SINGER One™ sewing machine and announces new product line that brings a fresh perspective to sewing machines with new user-friendly features and a bold, retro-inspired look.

2016 SINGER brand introduces the first Sewing Assistant App.

2017 SINGER brand introduces the new generation Featherweight™ sewing machine with Integrated Even Feed System.